Granola Bites Bear Naked: Food Review


Name: Granola Bites (Dark Chocolate Sea Salt)

Brand: Bear naked

Rating Scale: 5

5: WOW. Everyday. Eat this everyday. DELICIOUS!

Health Scale:

(Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or professional in any sense of diet.)

4: More natural than not. None/some animal products used.

Allergies: Gluten free, vegan

Nutrition Facts: See for yourself.

One bite looks like this:

Tastes like:

Mini bites of chewy bar granola (duh!) Not too bitter, but still sweet. Easy to chew.

  • Once you eat one, you won’t want to stop.
  • Dark chocolate and sea salt and oats lovers will DIE!
  • Great for snacks, breakfast, or sweet tooths.

Where can I get it?

I got my bag at your local Walmart store, but is also available at other retail stores as well as online such as amazon.


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