The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich: Book Review

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich

Rating Scale:

2: Meh, it passed the time okay

  • Did not finish the book.
  • Lacked in several of the following: pacing, characters, overall plot, entertainment, details, uniqueness, relevance, or style.


  • The main character respects this other dude because he introduced him to Nicki Minaj??? Did this author get paid to write that in??? Serious?? I guess everyone is allowed to have their own opinion?? XD

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  • Unrealistic.
    • First, I feel like they wouldn’t have to force people into this life. Couldn’t they find people who wanted to do this? I mean, there are messed up people out there. I feel like forcing people to do TOP SECRET stuff is an easy way to mess up your organization. Because the people who work for you, HATE you more than likely.
    • Then, just the entire facade seems like it could fall apart at any moment. The author didn’t work hard enough to make this top secret organization serious or real enough for me.
    • Finally, the characters just didn’t seem real to me either. The pacing of the book was too fast in a way where it just didn’t seem like it could ever happen in real life. It’s as if these characters were sitting around waiting for this script to happen (no pun intended).
  • Homosexual…twist? I’m not going to elaborate here, but I just don’t want to read that kind of story. I’ll end it here if commenters promise to just let it go. I simply put down the book and stopped reading. That’s it. Case closed.


  • The overall concept or plot for the story was intriguing in terms of spies and a secret love interest organization.

Genre: Gay Romance/Undercover agents.

Welp, it definitely adds a new twist we don’t usually see in YA romantic spy fiction.


I did not finish the novel, but I would imagine it would be love is undefinable and unexplainable. Already there were several quotes about how the main character couldn’t explain how love was and how he felt so meaningless in being told who to love. It’s your typical, millennial mentality on “You can’t tell me what to do or how to feel. I’ll do whatever I want” kind of thing. Whatever. I don’t like that kind of thing… if you do, that’s great. This book is DEF for you then. But, not for me.

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Yeah, the author slowly gives hints about the character’s love interest with each other through a good balance of narrative and dialogue. The theme is well portrayed (at least up until like page 112 where I stopped reading) through the interactions between the characters and the events which occur.

Details or Gaps?:

I didn’t finish the book, but yes. The author seemed to leave out details and just rush to the parts that “matter” to the plot. The narrative is highly focused on looks and the internal dialogue of the main male character. There is not much room for much else. It is not confusing and very straight to the point in a somewhat dry manner which makes it an extremely fast read, yet almost pointless. Another big part of the reason why I put it down. I liked the details in the beginning about where these men came from and what their purpose was. It started going downhill once they left the compound. The story progressed rather choppily. If you want to know how it ends, you’re going to have to read it for yourself because I will not be reading it. Gee, I wonder…

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Literary Devices:

I won’t even go into this. There really wasn’t much good of anything here to talk about literary devices…

Uniqueness Scale:

3.5 – Same tale…with a twist?


No. I think it’s poorly written, dry, unrealistic, etc.

Where can you read it?

This copy is my Book of the Month read. I will be discontinuing my subscription due to being let down consistently for four months in a row, sadly.



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