Bad Liar by Selena Gomez (2017): Song Review

My Rating: ★★


(What is this song art supposed to be??? Someone please enlighten me… it looks like she was dumped in the dirt and someone wrote with lipstick on her thigh Bad Liar. Can’t tell if this is supposedly considered creative or just flat out spooky…)

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What’s the song really about?

Selena is crushin’ on whoever the song is about, but no matter how hard she tries to hide it, she says she’s just a “Bad Liar.”

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What’s the song sound like?

Example: This song is a rip off from the baseline of a 1977 song called ‘Psycho Killers’ by Talking Heads. Sounds like she produced this on the Garage Band app.

175x175bb.jpg lol.

The same repetitive and boring-as-I-think-is-possible bass guitar riff plays throughout the whole song. Then we add some good-ole claps on top of that. Then, Selena comes in singing, no I’m sorry, speaking in a weird whisper voice on a few basic notes. The lyrics don’t flow and are choppy. Of course, many people would disagree since they have some kind of connection to a band called The Weekend and all-known ex-boyfriend Bieber. Then we add some… snaps to the riff and claps (HOW EXCITING!). To the chorus, don’t get too excited, but we add a kid’s xylophone BUT only at the beginning of each chorus repeat because more than that would be too Melanie Martinez (LOL). I can’t decide if this song is seductive or just creepy sounding. This song sounds NOTHING like any Selena Gomez song we have ever heard. I guess she’s just trying to go in a different direction, but may I suggest she try ANOTHER direction than this? I typically really enjoy Gomez’s music, but this one was a complete disaster. If you like her other songs, don’t be surprised if you don’t like this new single. Well, Gomez’s songs were never too complicated being pop originated and all.

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Is it Unique?

Unique compared to her other songs? She usually has very upbeat, pop, and fun songs. This song has barely an substinance at all. Like I said, it sounds like they were on a budget with the copying of another song, the amount of music that’s going on in the background, as well as the lyrics…

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Do I recommend it?

No. I didn’t like it. I’m fine with Selena going into a different direction, but not this one.

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Rating Overall: ★

1: Can’t stand it!! TURN IT OFF!

2: Meh. I can make it through the song…barely.

3: Okay, not bad.

4: Heyyy, I like that!

5: WHOA, I’ve got chills!!!

What are some of my favorite Selena songs?

What are your favorite Selena Gomez songs?

Let me know in the comments below!

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