Dark Screams (Volume 6) Edited by Freeman and Chizmar


A collection of short stories which will leave your skin crawling!!

“The Old Dude’s Ticker” by Stephen King


Are you a fan of Edgar Allen Poe? What if Poe was alive and well today? What would his famous stories be like? Stephen King writes his own interpretation of a Poe classic.

“The Rich Are Different” by Lisa Morton


Beauty and the Beast? With a mix of ancient myth, a rich family, and the poor fair maiden, Morton has created a terrifying love story, leaving you with an unsettling horror.

“The Manicure” by Nell Quinn-Gibney


Metal nails on the chalkboard? Finger nails being ripped clean off? We all have our fears, but how far will your fear go to overtake your own sanity?

“The Comforting Voice” by Norma Prentiss


A new baby journies to our world all the while listening to her grandpa who speaks through an electronic voice box. The baby seems to cry randomly and nothing seems to sooth her except one thing: grandpa’s electronic voice.

“The Situations” by Joyce Carol Oates

Father knows best? Authority and power can be dangerous, terrifying weapons.

“The Corpse King” by Tim Curran


Grave robbing is not an easy job, but with a stinking childhood, two friends have to make a living somehow. There is little that scare thieves of the dead, but a rumor begins to circulate about a monster who haunts the North Burial Grounds. Believing it to be imaginations running wild or the effects of inhaling death’s putrid odors, the two friends adventure to the North Grounds because business is simply business. You will never want to enter a graveyard again after hearing this dear old tale.

Personally, my favorite was The Corpse King because of the beautiful stylized writing, the brought-to-life-characters, and how I got goose bumps reading this one. Graves, ancient dark ages torture, suspense, and best of all: a scary, fantastic creature of the grave!

What is your favorite king of horror content? Let me know in the comments!!


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